Registration Form for the Summer 2018 Nebraska Debate Institute

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Event you want to focus on at NDI: PF LD POLICY CONGRESS

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If you are a student from out of state, are you asking for housing with an Omaha student (in all events this means you’ll pay an additional $250)?

No, I have relatives/family friends I am staying with in Omaha
No, I will provide my own daily transportation

If you are an Omaha student, will your parents house campers for a $200 discount per debater housed? ANSWER YES BELOW ONLY IF YOU ARE AN OMAHA AREA STUDENT. (Please consider this seriously. It’s the main reason we can keep this camp so inexpensive for students.)

CONFIRM ABOVE SELECTION. Selecting YES without housing students means you will owe money above the final total shown on paypal.

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Please add information on dietary needs or allergies (for example, if vegetarian, etc.), especially if the student is housing with another family.

Please add information on pet or environmental allergies, especially if the student is housing with another family.