General Questions

NDI is unique in that campers housed by us are housed by parents of Omaha debaters attending the camp. Many camps will rent out college dormitories to keep every one on site, but at NDI, we do things differently, and less expensively. While this is unique, we believe that NDI's housing arrangements are preferable to the more common dormitory housing. For one, housing in local homes means your student will have much greater supervision from much more attentive caretakers. In a dorm setting, you'll often see 30 or more students supervised by just a small handful of recent high school graduates. At NDI, your student will be well taken care of by the parent or parents of a camp student, and the host family will have only a few students at maximum to supervise. NDI puts your students under the roofs of watchful parents with experience in caring for young people.

Yes. Camp director Fred Robertson will pick up the student/students at Eppley Airport in Omaha upon arrival and drive them to the place where they are staying, or, in some cases, directly to camp. Pick up and transportation is provided at no charge. Either Mr. Robertson or the student/students’ housing parents will provide a ride back to the airport on the day of departure, which can be either on the last day of camp (Saturday, July 27, in the evening) or on the following day (Sunday, July 28).

Yes, we welcome parents and family to visit and watch rounds all day, or to come in at noon and join us for lunch and watch afternoon rounds, or just to come in that afternoon—whatever you prefer. Just let Mr. Robertson know you will be coming. Many parents take advantage of this opportunity and we love having you visit the camp on the final day.

Many campers bring a laptop and flash drive, but if you do not have these, you will have access to computers while at Millard South and most likely in the home where you will be staying. It’s also important to have pens, paper, etc. to flow rounds (unless you use your laptop to flow) and to take notes. The Public Forum campers and some Lincoln-Douglas campers dress up for the day of competition on Saturday, July 27, so having one nice outfit is also advisable for those campers. Otherwise, dress is summer casual. Students should have some spending money, but since all meals will be provided at camp or at the home where they will be staying, not a lot of cash is needed. It’s just nice for them to have a few bucks if they go out to eat a couple times, or go shopping, to the movies, etc. with their host family.

There is a space provided on the registration form to list these, and our food staff and I will meet your needs for dietary adjustments to the best of our ability. We have always done this at NDI, and we care about the quality of the food and snacks.
Just contact Fred Robertson at contact@nebraskadebateinstitute.org and I will be glad to answer them.